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Downtown Topeka Rotary Club - People of Action

Downtown Topeka

Service Above Self

We meet Thursdays at 12:00 PM
Usually Capitol Plaza Hotel or Maner Conference Center, CHECK for weekly location
1717 SW Topeka Blvd
Topeka, KS  66612
United States of America

(785) 554-4402
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If you have already completed your survey, Thank You!  If not, please click on the link to complete this short, 6-minute survey to share your ideas.  CLICK HERE  Please complete no later than February 18th.
Listing your name in #11 is optional.  There is plenty of room for comments if you wish to elaborate on most of the questions.  Want to make further comments?  Send to Linda at and the comments will be forwarded to your club's leaders.
Meeting:  February 14, CYRUS HOTEL!
Program: Sergeant Cody Burger, TPD, Enhancement Program Cameras
Please register for badges by noon, Feb 13 - CLICK HERE
Meeting:  February 21, Capitol Plaza, Emerald Room
Program:  KSU President, Richard Myers
We automatically drop our money into the Blue Cup in the middle of the table.  Ever wonder where the money goes?  How are the recipients of the cup money chosen?  Well, here is the information from your Topeka Rotary Foundation who chooses the recipients.  Applications can be made to the Topeka Rotary Foundation for June and all of the 2019-20 year (through June 2020).  CLICK HERE for the process the Topeka Foundation uses to select cup money recipients.  CLICK HERE for a list of current recipients.
Message from Lindsey Schwartz, Topeka Center for Peace and Justice - our club's Signature Grant Recipient
The Topeka Center for Peace and Justice is seeking community volunteers to form a Community Victim's Panel. TCPJ Mediation Program and the Community Victim’s Panel are based on a belief in the efficacy of restorative justice as the best means of achieving meaningful resolution of the conflicts arising from first time, low level criminal offenses.
Restorative Justice - as it is practiced in our program - is a system of conflict resolution in which first time offenders can bypass the courts and standard criminal case adjudication.  Instead, they participate in a collaborative process with a mediator and, in Community Victim’s Panel cases, citizen board members who represent the community at large and the victim.
The Community Victim’s Panel members listen, help offenders develop a deeper awareness of the harmful effects of their actions on their victims and the community, and assist in developing a restorative plan of action.
We will be holding a few information sessions about how to become a Community Victim's Panel member in the upcoming weeks. The information session should last about an hour.
If you are interested in becoming a panel member, please email the Program Director: Lindsey Anderson @  For an information packet, CLICK HERE.
In January about 50 Rotarians and friends met at Past President Grace Morrison’s home to pin and cut fleece preparing to make blankets.  At the next club meeting, the members tied the ends of the fleece to make soft cuddly blankets for the Fresh Start Kits for Human Trafficking, a joint project with Topeka South and Topeka West.  There was much fun and laughter along the way.  A very successful project.  NOTE:  To see more pictures from our meetings. go to our club's Facebook page, CLICK HERE.
(Front row left, RI Director Larry Dimmitt and Lois Dimmitt.  Second row in blue jacket, District Governor Blanche Parks)
Our own Larry & Lois Dimmitt and Blanche Parks in Evanston, IL at Rotary International Headquarters with Mark Daniel Maloney, President-elect, Rotary International 2019-20.  The 2019-20 theme was announced in January - Rotary Connects the World.  RI President-elect Maloney is from Decatur, Alabama and has been a Rotarian since 1980.  He says, "In 2019-20, it will be our challenge to strengthen the many ways that Rotary Connects the World, building the connections that allow talented, thoughtful, and generous people to unite and take meaningful action through Rotary service."
Click the Arrow to start the presentation on Human Trafficking, click the FORWARD button on the keyboard until the full video screen appears, then click on the arrow to play.  When video is finished click the FORWARD button to the start presentation.  After each screen, click the FORWARD button to advance slides to the end of the presentation.  Please share this link with your family and friends.  This is critical information for our community and an important project for the Topeka Rotary Club's.  Link to share:
Our Club’s Sole-Mates program evolved this past week, offering Rotarians new experience and encouragement as we joined the South Club in a community service opportunity aimed at older students attending 501’s new Collegiate Prep’ Academy.  In 2 sessions we provided new dress shoes for almost 50 teenage students, helping them complete their uniforms (khaki pants and navy blazers).  To say these college bound students impressed us would be a distinct understatement.  “Polite, thoughtful, motivated, focused, and driven” – adjectives heard repeatedly as we assisted these 14-15 year olds in selecting what were for many, their first pair of specifically “dress” shoes, anticipating experiences like job interviews, academic presentations, etc.  We came away feeling encouraged and heartened by our interactions with these young adults, and proud that our Club is sponsoring and engaging in community service activities to support our young people.  I heartily encourage every member to take opportunity to join in the upcoming Sole-Mates events! 
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Signature Charity
In 2016 the Topeka Downtown Rotary Club selected Topeka Center for Peace and Justice to receive a $20,000 grant for Restorative Justice.  This is truly a life changing program for students in our community.  Click on the video to learn more.

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