Posted by Linda Ireland on Jul 11, 2019
The Rotary Club office has moved from the Ramada to the YWCA.  New address is 225 SW 12th Street, 66612.  The office phone service will be down for a few weeks, so call Linda on her cell (785-554-4402) until the office phone service is set back up.
Meeting:  July 18 - YWCA Building, 225 SW 12th Street
Program:  Y Open House, Alice C. Sabatini Gallery, Sherry Best Art Curator
Lunch catered by Serving Hope (Hospitality Incubator Program)
Serving Hope, One Plate at a Time 
The HIP Program is designed to teach hospitality skills in a professional kitchen setting. In partnership with the Greater Topeka Partnership and Forest Park, the HIP Program trains new kitchen professionals to take new leadership roles in restaurants, catering businesses, and food trucks in Topeka and North East Kansas.
Meeting:  July 25 - Manor Conference Centre
Program:  Visit of District Governor Jason Leib and presentation of the 2019 Rotary International Convention
  • Dues for the 3rd quarter will increase $2 because of increase of due for Rotary International and increase in meal costs.  Third quarter dues will be $209.  Meals at the door will be $14 starting with the July 11 meeting.
  • Missed a meeting a need a makeup for attendance?  See article below.