How are the Rotary Youth Exchange students weathering the pandemic?
Join us Friday, May 15, from noon - 1pm Central Time for another district-wide Rotary Meeting.  We'll hear from the Rotary Youth Exchange students of District 5710. They come from everywhere to spend a year of their life learning about our culture and becoming part of our families. It's a life-changing opportunity for both the students and the families that host them. This meeting is for everyone, whether your club is currently hosting or it's not even on your radar. These students have experienced something that few others can claim - weathering a pandemic while thousands of miles away from their regular families. We could have as many as nine of the 2019-2020 students on the Zoom, so please make some time and join us to learn more about this resilient bunch. Check your email for a link to the Zoom meeting.  
As always, if you are not familiar with using Zoom, don't worry. Hop on about 10 minutes early and Public Image Chair Jason Camis will give you a quick overview. The invitation for the Zoom meeting is below. If you have any questions prior to the meeting, reach out by email to DG Jason Leib or Jason Camis. D