Topeka Downtown
Cider Gallery
810 Pennsylvania Street
Lawrence, KS  66044
United States

TEAM Training - AUGUST 19TH - Lawrence, KS - 8:30 to 1!

  • Transform your club
  • Engage your members
  • Advance your mission
  • Make a Difference!


BLOODY MARY BAR opens at 10:00.  Attendees are encourages to take those important conversations to the back of the room and make your training experience impactful for you!

Sample of Sessions:

  • Grant Training (Product Development, Project Ideas and Certification)
  • The Rotary Foundation (Nuts & Bolts)
  • 20 Ideas in 20 Minutes (R&D = Rip Off and Duplicate!)
  • Rotary Technology (Club Runner & Rotary Club Central)
  • Generational Leadership
  • Developing the Next Rotary Leader: The RLI Experience
  • Reframing YOUR Rotary Story
  • Building Rotary’s Public Image: For Club, For Country
  • And more…

Join 100+ fellow Rotarians for fellowship, fun and some HIGH ENERGY LEARNING on Saturday, August 19th at the T.E.A.M. Rotary Training (formerly known as FML).

It’s a NEW name at a NEW venue with a NEW format. How’s that for shaking things up a little bit?! Excited yet? Read on!

NEW location – The Cider Gallery in Lawrence. This unique venue will set the stage for a worthwhile day of learning.

NEW format, think TedX-style with 20-minute long sessions designed to be stimulating, engaging and give you something to take back to your club today.

 And as always - this is a FREE event for All Rotarians!