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Welcome to our Website!

Topeka Downtown

Service Above Self

We meet Thursdays at 12:00 PM
Ramada Hotel and Convention Center, Downtown
420 SE 6th Avenue
Topeka, KS  66607
United States
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Featured Information

The Topeka Rotary Foundation (TRF) was established by Rotary Club of Topeka for the purpose of encouraging and promoting charitable, benevolent and educational activities and projects in the city of Topeka and Shawnee County.

The TRF historically supported an array of organizations with smaller grants.  The TRF is changing focus to support one grantee with $20,000 in the first year, with the intention to establish a multi-year collaboration.  At the same time, the Foundation and The Rotary Club of Topeka are planning a signature annual fund-raising event to provide increased financial support for the grantee during the period of partnership with the organization.  In addition to providing financial support, the Rotary Club of Topeka will provide volunteers to the grantee as part of the Club’s engagement.  Applications must be submitted electronically no later than March 18, 2016.

PROGRAM:  Senator Pat Roberts, What's happening in Washington, D.C.
PROGRAM:  My Rotary - bring your laptop, iPad, table, phone - come have lot of fun!
For the last 20 years, our club has received a citation from the Rotary International President.  This year, our club has a few challenges to reach this goal - WE NEED 5 MORE NEW MEMBERS BY MARCH 31!  Do you know someone who would make a great Rotarian?  Invite them to a meeting - give them a club brochure - send the name and contact information to - we will help you recruit a new member!  AND, a special announcement for you as a sponsor and your new member coming at the meeting on February 4th.
We will have a special project for the club on FEBRUARY 25TH - DON'T MISS THIS MEETING - IT WILL BE FUN!!

Did you miss the presentation by Ira Stamm last February to our club?  If so, you have a change to hear Ira speak.  His topic is "What is Love:  Reflections on Love and Marriage for Valentine's Day."  You can attend the Topeka West Rotary Club on Wednesday, February 10th or the Topeka South Rotary Club on Friday, February 12th to hear Ira speak.  Meeting details for the clubs are:
  • Topeka West, Wednesday, 7:00 am, Hy-Vee (Contact:  Spencer Duncan,
  • ‚ÄčTopeka South, Friday, 7:15 am, Washburn University Student Union (Contact:  Faron Barr,

DISTRICT 6 TO 1 MATCH IS STILL AVAILABLE FOR POLIOPLUS!  A $50 contribution with matches is $300 to help eradicate Polio from the world.  Bring your check or credit card to the next meeting AND receive an angel clip for your VALENTINE!

The club is "on the road again" over the next few months.  As the convention season heats up for the Ramada and Capitol Plaza Hotel, the club is presented with wonderful opportunities to visit other areas of Topeka!  Watch your weekly meeting reminders or check out the speaker list in the right column for meeting locations.  Here are a few coming this month:
January 21 - Brown V Board of Education
January 28 - Back to the Ramada for three weeks
February 18 - Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library 
February 25 - Back to the Ramada for one week
March 3 - Great Overland Station
March 10 - Ramada WEST
March 17 - Emerald Ballroom in the Capital Plaza Hotel


A HUGE Thank You to all the members who brought non-perishable foods or made a cash donation at the January 14th meeting at Harvesters Community Food Network!  I am happy to report that your donations will provide 448 meals for hungry individuals in our community.  Way to put Service Above Self!  Thanks to Wynne Dillon for a great presentation.
FYI - we had quite a bit of food left over after the meeting.  The sandwiches, chips and cookies (yes, you left a FULL tray of cookies uneaten - so proud of all of you!) were sent with Frank Henderson to the Rescue Mission - no wasted food.

Downtown Rotary members shared the “Incredible Journey” of the water cycle with over 550 4th graders from all over Topeka and Shawnee County on September 17th at Garfield Park Community Center.  The day began with the ultimate example of the water cycle as a brief but powerful thunderstorm pummeled the park and we quickly regrouped on how we would roll out our two learning stations.  We moved to the concrete and the gazebo and hosted to the stations from there.  The students were none the wiser but we did have the opportunity for the first couple of groups to start with everyone’s personal experience with the water cycle in the form of “precipitation”.  As each student was handed a string with a yellow bead on it and were invited to go on a journey and imagine they were a water molecule.  Students rolled die and began their journey.  Some spent several rolls in the clouds while others visited plants, animals, and lake stations picking up beads at each station.  At the end students were encouraged to share with the group their journey and then make the bead chains into bracelets.  The journeys are all unique and fun and students learn about precipitation, condensation, evaporation and storage but more importantly they learn how vital water is to our earth.
The event is sponsored by The Topeka Water Festival Planning Committee and the Kansas Association of Conservation and Environmental Education (KACEE). 
I personally want to thank Bryan Falk, Ken Keller, Brendan Wiley, Roger Aeschliman, Mike Kuner, Lee Morris, Gary Shofner and Joanie Underwood. Each shared their knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment to learning with each of the students.  It was truly service above self through the rain and through the heat.
Marie Pyko


If you missed the meeting on October 15th, here is the PDF of the PowerPoint Rehan Reza and Linda Aziz presented on our club's Global Grant in Bangladesh - CLICK HERE.  This is a great presentation that shows how the contributions you make to the Rotary Foundation can be matched by the District and Rotary International to make a great impact on the lives of many people.

The club has a new email address:  Please check your contact lists for Ruth Reynolds (delete) and Linda Ireland (change email to  IMPORTANT:  Remove and if you have these connected to Linda Ireland.  These email addresses now go to the new Executive Assistant for the District.  Linda now works exclusively for the Downtown Topeka Rotary Club.  THANKS!


August Message from Clara:

So here are my memories so far:
One month ago, I came to Kansas. In the first week we just drove around Topeka or down to Kansas City to show me the area. One week later, my host family and me went to New York and Syracuse! Syracuse is a beautiful city with a wonderful campus. It was very interesting to hear what I could study, but after I saw what I had to be capable of, I quickly forgot my Syracuse-dream. Two days  later we went to New York City. The big apple is just wonderful, with a lot of people and I definitely love this city!  I ate the best cheesecake in the world (Lindy's I guess).  Click on Read More!
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Feb 18, 2016
Senator Pat Roberts
(Meeting @ Topeka Library) Washington DC Update
Feb 25, 2016
Matt Pivarnik
(Meeting @ Ramada) Topeka Chamber of Commerce/Go Topeka
Mar 03, 2016
Update and Behind the Scenes Tour
Mar 10, 2016
Todd Stephens, CEO Heartland Park
(Meeting @ Ramada WEST) Heartland Park Race Track